Chapter 2

Seeking Truth:

Go After The Chips And Who Are Behind the Chips

Gang Stalking in the Office

Time: Late July 2016, afternoon

Place: My office cubicle in US FUNDS’s Irvine office, Irvine, California

I’d recently moved to the third floor of my office building and was sitting in my new cubicle when I was hit by strong microwave jolts in my hips, knees, etc. This was not the first time I was hit by microwaves inside the company building. Some of the Mexican janitors, security guards, and cafeteria food workers must have worked for contracted perpetrators. Several times I was food poisoned after buying lunch from the company cafeteria or leaving my food on my desk. Unknown chemicals have been sprayed on my office phone receiver and made my ear burn while I sat listening. Important things have gone missing from my backpack when I’ve left it on my desk. One time I caught a janitor attempting to take my backpack from a small meeting room I had left for a short period of time. My personal notebooks and belongings have gone missing the three times my office has been moved to different locations to accommodate the perpetrators’ plans. Among all these attacks, the most frequent and most malicious attack is to shoot directed energy beams at different parts of my body, which happened almost every day while I worked in this company.

Back then, I still did not know that I’d been implanted with chips, though I was noticing strange things happening since my Mayo Clinic visit. I had constant ringing in my ears, what is known as tinnitus. Thoughts coming from nowhere were attempting to lead me toward self-destructive behavior. For example, on my way to the office for an early morning meeting, I would suddenly decide to go to a busy restaurant and wait in a long line to get a snack. Not only would I be late to the office, but I would also miss the important meeting. I had the ominous feeling that the nightly rapes were back. Several nights I woke up remembering nothing of what had happened after I went to sleep but found signs on my body that sexual activities had occurred. I was very sure that no male had been in my house (my ex-husband had taken our children to China for summer vacation). I hired a private investigator to check my house and still could not discover any trace of anyone entering my room while I slept, but I still strongly felt that I was being raped.

At the office, I was trying to figure out a way to defend myself from the microwaves. How did the perpetrators know my location? I went to different rooms and floors of the building, varied my body position, and carried electronic and countermeasure EMF devices. I discovered that the tinnitus changed in different situations, sometimes pausing but then returning and becoming even louder. I realized the tinnitus was from the frequencies the brain was receiving or transmitting. The ringing would change as the transmission of frequencies was affected by physical structures and interference, just like listening to a radio station changed in different locations in the building. The only possibility I could think of as to why my brain was now a transceiver was that chips had been implanted in it.

I decided to ask for professional help to confirm the existence of the chips.

SCADA[1] Scan Revealed Signals Emitting from My Body

Submicroscopic biotechnology is now big business, and not just in the medical field (“precision medicine”). The military / industrial / intelligence complex has weaponized submicron (nano-sized)[2] devices for C4 deployments (command, control, communications, cyberwarfare), implanting and testing them on soldiers and citizens without consent or adequate knowledge. Remote electromagnetic signals directed at tiny devices in a target’s body (“remote sensing technologies”) may be tracking the target, reading data collected by nano-sensors in the target’s brain and blood, storing or transmitting data via tiny microprocessors or V2K (“synthetic telepathy”) to and from the target’s brain, etc. (Kazuo Kondo, 2015)

By means of sophisticated scanners, EM meters, spectrum analyzers, and handheld devices like iPhone 6s, specialists can capture photomicrographic images of these tiny devices and their non-ionized (non-thermal) signals resonating the atoms transmitting electromagnetic frequencies.

In September 2016, I asked a licensed private investigator specializing in SCADA scans to come to Los Angeles to test for evidence of RFID chips, nano-materials, biomedical devices, or similar sub-microscopic technology introduced into my body without my consent. The investigator’s pedigree is impressive: a National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP) Certified Environmental Safety Compliance Officer, a former NREP SCADA Committee member, IEIA HSCADA Bio-Energy Field professional, and IEIA Fellow in Bio-Engineering, Advanced Materials, and Nanotechnology in Applied Science and Engineering. The 2016 SCADA scan report included screen shots of signals captured from a radio frequency meter and spectrum analysis devices. The report confirmed the existence of multiple signals being emitted from my body. With UV light testing, unnatural hues were exiting from my eye pupils.

Detox and Surgical Removal of Chips

After confirmation of the signals being emitted from my body, I started vigorous heavy metal and nano-detoxing procedures to eliminate what I could under the guidance of a leading industrial toxicologist, including a hair and patch test. During these detox procedures, some nanochip components that had been broken down were flushed out of my ears. These specimens are analyzed in two reports: “Photomicrographic images and EDS (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy) / SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Spectroscopy” (March 2016) and “RAMAN/Micro FTIR Microscopy” (April 2016). Both analyses pointed to a highly advanced manmade integrated fusion system of invisible circuits based on nano-materials responsive to military and corporate (defense subcontractors) frequencies.[3] Nano-glass with electro-optic properties was also found, possibly to transceive via laser with tiny satellites known as CubeSats.[4] The industrial toxicologist also provided me with “SCADA FREQUENCY ALLOCATION INVESTIGATION REPORT” on September 12, 2016.

On March 20, 2016, I went to Atlanta, Georgia, to see a plastic surgeon for implant removal; one foreign body was removed from the right posterior ear, and another from the left posterior neck, both of which were sent for analysis.

On November 17, 2017, I hired the Carlson Company to test my hair for heavy metals and unknown drugs. The Carlson Company and its Affiliated Labs have been performing forensics toxicology for over 16 years and have served the general public and law enforcement globally. Their test results confirmed elevated levels of several heavy metals possibly related to the nanochips. Also detected was the presence of drugs, probably used to change my consciousness, such as GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate), the “date rape” drug that is a central nervous system depressant, and opioids like fentanyl, which I have no record of consuming in a conscious free will state.

Together, all of these reports confirm to me that the frequencies emitted from my body are RF / MW signals that can be accessed by different corporations, government agencies, and other entities for research and commercial use.

Non-linear Junction Scan Discovered:

Sold To The Secret Space Program

On October 7, 2017, I went to a security company in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the next level scan that collects data and/or signals during a Non-linear Junction scan and a full Spectrum Analyzer, from 8KHz to 20GHz Frequency Monitoring Sweep, with a signal recorder running to capture any/all RF transmissions from me. The scan report was sent to me on October 17, 2017, listing several signals captured in the scan:

All procedures were performed and conducted in accordance with the National Standards as set forth and taught by Research Electronics International Corporation. All Engineers and Representatives of (the security company’s name) that were involved with the procedures are trained and certified on the equipment used and procedures conducted . . .

All signals appearing on this graph are normal, except for the three signals at xxx GHz, xxx GHz, and xxx GHz . . . The most peculiar aspect of these three signals is they appear when Jian Liang is speaking to us and when she stops they stop. When I saw them, I asked a few questions, then stopped and asked her some more questions. They did not appear every time she talked, but they did only appear when she talked.

From xxx MHz to xxx MHz, we see 7 distinct signals similar but unique . . . This transmission looks a lot like a European Zigbee transmission which shouldn’t show up in the United States in this range.

I sent this scan report to the industrial toxicologist for FCC frequency analysis and further tracking of the frequencies specified. The industrial toxicologist confirmed the findings to my legal team and myself. The results astonished me: the signal frequencies discovered in the scan patterns found in the chips removed from my body and the material analysis of the chips linked me to the following three space program projects:

- Project LUCIFER

- Project Phoenix

- Project SOFIA

To date, I have very little memory recovery of how exactly I was used in these three projects, but I do remember being abducted for Satanic rituals and military assignments wherein my “special ability” was called upon to search out ET and new space portals.

Under Project LUCIFER, the Illuminati, Jesuits, and CERN come together in quest of contact with extraterrestrial life forms. (The Vatican is Illuminati headquarters.) LUCIFER is run by Jesuits utilizing the Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research (LUCIFER) and Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) at Graham Observatory in Arizona. UFO sightings are common fare for Jesuit astronomers observing the Sun, searching the heavens in near infrared (most objects in space emit infrared wavelengths that remain invisible when observed in ordinary visible light), and freely discussing extraterrestrials, Nephilim, and astrobiology.

The controlled descents of the space probe Galileo onto Jupiter (September 21, 2003, fall equinox) and the space probe Cassini onto Saturn (September 15, 2017) may have been purposeful attempts under Project LUCIFER to make use of the plutonium power rods on board (72 pounds on Cassini, 48 pounds on Galileo) to set off fusion effects that could create new Suns and terra-form moons, despite the risk of extinction events on Earth.

Or were the “controlled descents” about extraterrestrials?

Project Phoenix is a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project, and Project SOFIA utilizes the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy, the largest airborne observatory in the world. Phoenix began in 1995 with the Parkes 64-meter radio telescope in New South Wales and is now underway at Green Bank, West Virginia, Woodbury outside Atlanta, Georgia, Lovell radio telescope in northwest England, etc. Phoenix selected 1,000 stars within a distance of 200 light years for observation and communication attempts at 1,000 to 10,000MHz. NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley manages the SOFIA program in cooperation with the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and the German SOFIA Institute at University of Stuttgart.

All three projects are aimed at collecting data on space and hence are under the broad umbrella of the U.S. secret space program. The real agendas hidden in these projects are much deeper than I can fully understand or explain in this book. What really puzzled me was how they could utilize me in space programs while I was still working at the office every day, sleeping at night, etc.

More importantly, why me? And what about my “special ability?”

[1] SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), a system operating with coded signals over communication channels so as to provide control of remote equipment (using typically one communication channel per remote station)

[2] A nanometer (nm) is a 50-atom unit one billionth of a meter (10-9). A micrometer = 1,000 nm, and a millimeter = 1,000,000 nm. A sheet of paper is 100,000 nm thick, and a strand of DNA 2.5 nm.

[3] See DARPA’s NESD (Neural Engineering System Design) program.

[4] See NASA’s CubeSat page