Chapter 3

New MK-Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse: How I Was Programmed To Be An Absolute Mind-Controlled Slave

The MK-Ultra Crossover to Remote Control

It is difficult to believe that the corrupt power politics of transnational corporations and high-finance discussed in books like Naomi Klein’s 2007 Shock Doctrine[1] now include the Satanic practice of trafficking MK-Ultra slaves, but it is true.

MK-Ultra is an acronym the then-new CIA decided upon for a very important project continuing the “research” the Nazis had begun in the concentration camps during World War Two. In a sense, MK-Ultra was the first Brain Initiative (1953), the second being President Obama’s White House Brain Initiative (2013). MK-Ultra served as an umbrella program for 149 subprojects, most of which were not studying chimpanzees’ brains but real human brains, namely human children’s brains. Many of the subprojects [for example, 23, 62, 68 (psychic driving), 94, 119, 138 (biomedical sensors)][2] were pushing for remote chemical and electromagnetic mind control.

The Nazis had used the children of camp inmates, but where did the American military and CIA get children to experiment on? Initially, children were borrowed, leased, or purchased from U.S. military officers and foot soldiers, and from practicing Satanic cult families,[3] who for centuries had been shattering and re-programming their children from the womb onward. Sometimes patriotic American parents believed their children were being “trained” in the grueling Cold War battle with the evil Communist Soviet Union; other times they were privy to some facsimile of the truth while their children were out of their care and at military hospitals like Walter Reed or St. Elizabeth’s in Washington, D.C. The National Security Act of 1947 made it all right to lie if the lie was in service of fighting the Cold War.

The original MK-Ultra technique of shattering the child’s personality and then re-programming each shard for a separate CIA functionary (spies, drug mules, assassins, sex kittens, verbatim recording, astral travel, psychic skill, etc.) was limited to pain induction (torture), drugs, and hypnosis, with general electroshock. Now, 45 years since the CIA swore that MK-Ultra had been closed down (1953-1972), the programs have gone military[4], and corporate and codes, pulsed frequencies, and nanotechnology have taken priority. Remote electromagnetic control over the brain still works in tandem with pain induction, drugs, and hypnosis to shatter and split the personality, program the parts, and rob the victim of memories.

Mind-controlled human trafficking is the underpinning of high-tech corporate life today, whether you are referring to high finance, the military, intelligence, defense contractors, the medical industry or Big Pharma. Surely outgoing President Eisenhower was privy to this program without naming it (or the CIA and defense mega-corporations committed to it) when he said:

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence -- economic, political, even spiritual -- is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist . . .

Discovery of MK-Ultra Programming and Deprogramming

In June 2017, I had been searching the Internet for a remedy for my evening hypnosis and sleepwalking that made me leave my home to be tortured and raped. Originally, I had thought that voice-to-skull (V2K) technology[5] was being used to hypnotize me, so I had bought some SONY voice recorders and placed them close to my ear when I slept. I had also purchased software for decoding the subliminal sound. But nothing stopped my almost daily sleepwalking out of the house.

While looking for sites dedicated to hypnosis prevention, I came upon an article about the 1996 book How the Illuminati Create Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slaves written by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler whose YouTube presentation I had listened to a few months before. I had not paid much attention back then, as I did not suspect that it might apply to me. This time the article chilled me to the bone. I recognized it was what was happening to me: I had been programmed[6] by means of the implants I had received, coupled with torture. It explained the weird experiences I had been having since my implantation on June 13, 2016. For an entire year, I had been subjected to trauma-based mind control and all the torture associated with it.

For the next four or five nights, I stayed up reading online about torture-based mind control and dissociative identity disorder (DID), once known as multiple personality disorder (MPD). What a horrific life a programmed slave is doomed to live! I decided to be deprogrammed.

On July 17-18, 2017, I underwent a two-day intensive deprogramming near Seattle, Washington, with a psychiatrist specializing in DID and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) deprogramming. During the sessions, the psychiatrist confirmed that I did have DID created by torture. She helped me uncover alters and was able to integrate some of them.

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a severe condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personality states, are present in—and alternately take control of—an individual. DID is a disorder characterized by identity fragmentation. DID reflects a failure to integrate various aspects of identity, memory, and consciousness into a single multidimensional self. Usually, a primary identity carries the individual's given name and is passive, dependent, guilty, and depressed. When in control, each personality state, or alter, may be experienced as if it has a distinct history, self-image and identity. The alters' characteristics—including name, reported age and gender, vocabulary, general knowledge, and predominant mood—contrast with those of the primary identity. Certain circumstances or stressors can cause a particular alter to emerge.[7]

MK-Ultra mind control programming creates alters via three interrelated methods: drugs, pain induction, and hypnosis. The drug I remember most is LSD. It is especially used at the beginning of programming. For example, when I was first injected with the nanochips but had not yet been fully programmed to make me walk out of my home for my abduction, the perpetrators would break into my home when I was sleeping and inject me with drugs, then move me out of my house under hypnosis. Once the walk-out programming was in place, they just needed to call out the alter programmed to walk our body out of the house. Then they continued with other programming.

My system has two kinds of alters: human alters and artificial alters. The human alters are real personalities split off to take on the memory of certain torture. These alters have their own emotions—joy and pain, love and hate—but they are also easily lied to, as the only world they know is the one given them by the programmers. The artificial alters or robots (as I call them) are essentially created by hypnosis. Artificial alters have no emotions or feelings and only do the job the programmer commands them to do. Without human feelings of mercy or shame, they are perfectly suited for torture and perverse sex slavery.

It is said that programming a person takes only six weeks.

After returning to Los Angeles, I used the “virtual” methods the Washington state psychiatrist had showed me and started to deprogram myself. I was able to recover many horrible memories of being programmed, and most painfully of how I had been used as a sex slave, prostitute, porn film slave, and human breeding machine. I also had memories of several alters being used at Satanic rituals during nightly abductions.

Recovered Memories of Alters and Programs

“Golden,” the sacrificial lamb

“Golden” is the “walkout” male alter created in an underground dungeon. His hands were bound in chains hung to beams, his feet bound. Three Mexican gangsters used red-hot metal frames to burn Golden’s chest and lower parts of his breasts. (I still have the burn marks that resemble a certain symbol, possibly a Satanic cult symbol.) Golden screamed when the burn marks were created. The main handler—a tall 60-ish white male I later discovered was X.H.—showed Golden a framed photograph of a sheep and told him that he is a sheep and should obey the Satanic cult’s command. The marks on his body symbolize that he is their slave and should do whatever they tell him to do. He is the “sacrificial lamb” that will eventually be killed as a sacrifice to the cult and their master, Satan.

Horrible memories reveal that I was abducted to various Satanic ritual locations where I was ceremonially abused. The persons I saw at these rituals included the programmers / handlers / perpetrators both inside and outside of US FUNDS. During these rituals, members tortured my alter and said that in their cult view, my spirit would awaken people from the dark net the Satanists were weaving; hence, I am their enemy. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate me and use me as a sacrifice to Satan.

In one Satanic ritual memory, I was kneeling and chained in a cage hanging over a fire, my hands tied to the cage. From a distance a female high priest swept a wand toward me and cast a spell that made my head drop to my knees as I seemingly died. I recognized several familiar faces, including a US FUNDS man wearing a white robe and sitting in the front row, seemingly with high status.

I have been a Christian since I was 25 years old. I follow Jesus and will never worship Satan.

“Hanna,” the alter who walks out

“Hanna” is a female alter created to take control of my body and walk me out of the house to be transported to the handlers. Hanna was unwilling at first because she knew that walking out did harm to the body, so the handlers let her see one of my relatives being tortured. Chained and beaten, my relative crawled toward Hanna crying “Help!” But Hanna was restrained, too. The handlers brought out a long red-hot metal fork and pointed it at my relative’s eyes, saying that if Hanna did not obey, they would burn the relative’s eyeballs. My relative screamed frantically for a long time. When the handler pushed one end of the burning fork into the back of the relative’s neck, the relative’s skin soon produced a smoking round burn mark. The relative fainted. The relative’s long scream was recorded, followed by a smooth ocean wave sound that I used to listen to. This was played to let Hanna know that each time she heard the ocean wave sound, she would also hear the scream of her suffering relative and walk me out.

Hanna’s heart broke, as did her will to disobey. Every time she was called by the ocean wave, she would remember her relative’s long, panicked scream and she would obey.

Other alters who walk the body out are usually severely abused sex slave alters who dare not disobey because of the fierce pain they endured during their creation and continuous tune-ups.

“Sue” and the silent sufferer program

“Sue” was created to ensure total silence in the face of extreme torture, as a cry or scream or sob might draw attention to the abuser. Sue was sitting on a wooden bench, her hands and feet tied to the bench, electrodes in her vagina, her head covered by a blanket. The handler swung a club and hit Sue’s head again and again. Sue was told never to make any sound during the torture, but it was too painful and she couldn’t suppress a scream, after which the handler hit her head more violently, again and again, until it was covered in blood and Sue lost consciousness. After throwing ice water on Sue to wake her up, the torturer continued hitting and shocking her until finally she made no sound while being tortured. In the end, her head was covered with a pinkish mixture of blood and some other unknown stuff, her hair stuck together with dried blood. It took the handler a long time to clean up in order to conceal the crime.

In several following “tune-up” programming sessions, the handler used a special bat with fixed electrodes on it to hit Sue’s head again and again. The electrodes shocked her head, causing terrible pain but taking much less time for the handlers to clean up afterward. These tune-up programs made sure that Sue would always remember the pain she endured and obey. While being tortured, Sue would open her mouth, contort her face in pain, look like she was crying but remain completely silent with not even a sob.

For several nights after, my head felt swollen, and when I turned my head from left to right, my brain felt like thick liquid was sloshing around. When I touched my head above the left ear, the skull felt soft and lumpy, as if I had touched a liquid gel pack. When I turned my head, I lost balance and felt dizzy. My brain felt like a big thick liquid ball. I went to see a doctor and had a CT scan, but as with many other medical scans and blood tests, the perpetrators showed up at the exam location and let me know that they had manipulated the result. The CT images ended up being the same CT images as those taken several years before. Thus once again I had no evidence of the crime.

This is the silent suffering programming that enabled the abusers to rape me, electroshock me, inject drugs into me any time anywhere, whether in a restroom on an airplane (the torturer hides in the restroom and calls out “Sue”) or in cars parked on the side of a road or in a parking lot, in restaurants, churches, or office buildings without causing any attention. The alter makes no noise, not even when the body trembles with extreme pain.

“Anne,” the gatekeeper alter

“Anne” is a tall, slender woman who looks like a 25 to 30 year old me. Anne’s job is to watch the entrance to the internal system that looks like a mountain cave with a long, dark tunnel leading to unknown inner darkness. She stands at the entrance, monitoring what is happening and reporting to her master.

During Anne’s torture, she was forced to kneel naked on the floor. The torturer was a Mexican man who gripped her by her hair and repeatedly shocked the back of her neck with a device that looked like a clothes iron. Every time she was electroshocked, she cried and screamed, the device being applied many times. The personality that split off was told that electrodes covered her body, controlling her, and that her mouth was screwed shut by a device like a medieval thumbscrew so that she could not tell what had happened. A button installed in her chest would let her move into the tunnel only when pushed by her handler.

Anne showed me an image of a hospital operating room. A large medical device with two cylinders was shooting strong light, perhaps laser, into her eyeballs because her eyes were forced to remain open so she would look straight into the strong light while lying on the operating table. It was probably a CyberKnife[8], and its light cut into her eyeballs and caused great pain. She still has flashbacks and tries to move her head away from light.

This was likely when Anne was used to endure the pain of having a nanochip inserted into my pupil. The existence of this chip was validated by the SCADA scan.

“Catie,” the sex kitten alter

“Catie” resembles a 20-year-old young woman, innocent and craving love. I rescued Catie by pointing out the lies that the handlers had projected into her. Catie is happy and curious in her sex-kitten cat ears and long tail. A young, innocent and hypersexual girl, she is eager to please old men who call her out. She has been programmed to crave sex and show joy during sex and sex play, and the handlers manipulate her longing for a father’s protection by deceiving her into believing that distorted sex will bring her joy and love. D.S. called her out and deceived her into thinking she wants to please a good and decent man like himself.

Other Types of Alters

I have discovered alters who believe they are animals or a body part, and their whole world is what the programmers have told them it is. They have no ability to make critical judgments or feel shame while participating in degraded or harmful activities.

I’ve also discovered alters claiming special psychic powers such as the ability to remote view targets in faraway countries, pass through walls, astral travel to other planets, using mind power to remotely kill a target, etc. These abilities were awakened by the military through extreme torture and training. I cannot ask these alters to show me how to do these feats, nor can I as the executive personality do these things. But I do have evidence of some of these alters’ abilities, especially passing through walls, which the perpetrators consistently use to walk me out for abductions.

Forced Prostitution and Porn Films

During many of my abductions, I am forced to be a prostitute to make profits for the programmers and handlers. They sell me as a MK-Ultra sex slave and give the clients my programming code so the clients can call out the sex slave alters that will do anything for them. Of course, my programmers and handlers are all “clients” who can call my alters out anytime they want during these abductions, and many of them (like I.N., D.S., etc.) have fun creating new alters to satisfy their special fantasies.

They also use sex with my alters as a lure and reward to get people to work for them. I have been offered as a sex slave to my neighbors, Mexican janitors and security guards at US FUNDS and my mother’s apartments. Gang stalkers or recruited stalkers who stalk and monitor me in airplanes or other locations are rewarded similarly.

My handlers profit from shopping me around as a sex slave for porn and “dark web”[9] films. Many nights after being abducted and returned home, I have found that my skin has been shaved, my nails trimmed, my hairstyle changed, my body touched and abused. Some porn films or photos were likely distributed to my coworkers at US FUNDS by the handlers to further humiliate me.

In one of the memories I recovered, I was abducted to a Mexican nightclub-like place where I was injected with a drug, then was carried naked to an underground room where a row of blue-collar Mexican men was sitting on the floor as if they had paid to participate in tonight’s live torture show. In the middle of the room was a camera and a strong bright light shooting toward me.

I was commanded to do all kinds of sex acts with all kinds of entities. A big Mexican man beat me with torture tools, taking torture orders from the audience enjoying how my body suffered and from phone and Internet orders as it was being broadcast live online.[10]

Mind Control Handlers From Satanic Secret Societies

Handlers in Boy Scouts of America

Since I began deprogramming in July 2017, I have tried to remember the faces of handlers. I figured they must be living close to me and familiar with my daily life. Besides recalling B.S. in several torture memories, a tall white man in his 60s appeared in many alters’ memories, but I do not recognize his face. Then on November 18, 2016, I was abducted during my sons’ Boy Scout camping trip in the Mojave Desert. In the morning after the abduction, I was walking with my children when a tall old man greeted me with joy. His hat and sunglasses covered most of his face, but from his voice and body type I sensed he was a handler. He quickly left. A year later on November 11, 2017, during a Boy Scout fishing trip, I happened to stay in the fishing equipment hut while everyone else went fishing except for the Boy Scout leader X.H. sitting with me. X.H. is a local community college professor and guardian of a boy the same age as my sons; he joined our Boy Scout pack about a year ago. X.H. was pretending to slowly fix a fishing pole, but I had the sense that he was there to monitor me. Comparing his voice, face and body with what I remembered during torture sessions confirmed my guess: he was the tall, old white man who tortured me with a burning stick and shouted that I am a sacrificial lamb and should obey him. I spent the rest of the day studying his every move, trying to understand why a highly educated person would engage in such satanic crimes against me and other people.

X.H. soon realized that I had recalled his true identity and avoided looking at me or being close to me. In all subsequent face-to-face encounters, he has avoided looking into my eyes while punishing me even more cruelly in nightly abduction and tortures. So this college professor and Boy Scout leader is a Satanic secret society member, a programmer, and a torturer in every way possible—sexual, physical, spiritual, and mental. My horrible memories of this abuser are extreme.

My method of going to isolated places to lure handlers to show up paid off with two other Boy Scout parents whose sons joined my sons’ Boy Scout pack so they could get close to me and my family. A.R. is also a professor at a nearby university, a Satanic secret society member and sexual and physical abuser. P.T. used to work for a government agency and then was recruited in late 2016 to be my programmer and abuser, joining the Boy Scouts as a leader so as to meet me at Scout events. He and X.H. organized the Mojave camping trip so I could be abducted to the Mojave Desert military base for an entire afternoon and night.

Company handlers and accomplices from all sorts of institutions and civic groups collude to program and enslave those like me. I’ve been abducted to many Satanic rituals at which handlers from government, military, and secret groups are in attendance. In 2017, one such occult orgy / ritual occurred in a building that I later recognized as a nearby secret group’s temple. I was forced to prostitute there, and I saw X.H., D.S., and other Asian MK-Ultra slaves in the building. In other Satanic ritual events, I have seen military handlers who also work with US FUNDS. Satanic secret groups are the dark entities behind my programs. It is their members like D.S., X.H. and handlers at US FUNDS that work together for diabolical purposes like programming and enslavement.

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[6] All people are conditioned by means of cultural and religious conditioning, television, college, subliminals, etc., but mind-control programming is far more sophisticated, similar to computer programming and television programming but dependent upon splitting the personality with trauma—all the way to BCI / BMI (brain-computer interface / brain-mind interface). See Ellen Lachter, PhD, “Some Indicators of Trauma-Based Mind Control Programming,”

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