Chapter 7

Termination From Inside and Outside of US FUNDS:

Layoff Spells Murder

On October 30, 2017, my IT department announced initiatives for reorganization and upcoming layoffs. Two weeks later on November 15, my senior manager said I had been reassigned to a different team managed by G.U. My official date of transfer was February 2018, as there was no work for my original group, given that the managers had cut 80 percent of our budget.

When I started working under G.U., I did not realize he was my new handler. I did, however, start noticing strange occurrences, such as how he set unrealistic career goals for me, how he would be nice one minute, then give me a harsh evaluation in front of other managers the next. During department or group meetings, the sleep ray was hitting me more often so I would fall asleep in an instant, at which point G.U. would halt the meeting and pat me awake in front of the whole group. After the meeting, he would claim that he had not intended to humiliate me but that someone else had wanted him to wake me up, etc. At first, I believed him, but incident after incident followed.

G.U.’s Full Body Disguise

G.U. always wore long sleeve shirts or a dark jacket or vest long enough to cover his hips, even in hot weather. While working with him, I became aware of his strange behavior and expressions. I began to wonder if there was something wrong with him. Eventually, more and more evidence pointed to the possibility that he was wearing a sophisticated full body disguise.

(1) His face never sweated or changed color. His facial color was uniformly pale. Even when he laughed, was excited or angry, his facial color never changed. For his age, his skin was too smooth. When he walked fast or made large body movements or in hot humid weather, his face never sweated, nor did his eyes tear up.

(2) His facial muscles did not move beneath his skin. His smile was strange. When he smiled, only the middle portion of his cheek muscles moved. The muscles near his ears and chin remained stiff and never moved. Compared to the rest of his face, his chin looked disproportionately large and stiff, like the muscles were tightened there. The chin muscles did not move with other muscles as in normal faces.

On one occasion, I observed an unusual skin "bumper" near the mastoid process behind his left earlobe. It looked like extra skin had been added there.

(3) His teeth were not natural and he had difficulty chewing. His teeth lacked the natural glow or ability to reflect light that natural teeth have, and each tooth seemed much thicker than a natural tooth. He ate very cautiously, seemingly unable to chew and therefore always nibbling a little at a time.

(4) The presence of steam made him leave the room. During a gathering, he accidentally opened a food container that then released steam. Immediately, he covered his face, turned away, used a napkin to pat his lips repeatedly, and quickly exited. When he returned, he avoided that food container.

(5) I saw signs of devices on his back. He normally wore a long thick jacket or vest when meeting with me, but on one occasion he was wearing only a long white shirt that exposed devices and what looked like long, stiff, white, wide strips wrapped around his back and waist.

(6) While sitting close to him, I saw his strange “face” melt once.

Eventually, he must have discovered that I was scrutinizing his appearance and so reduced our interactions and meetings as much as possible. He sat far from me in meetings, and when I came late to a meeting and sat behind him, he would soon leave the room. When he returned, he would either stand behind me or outside the room until the meeting was over.

In a meeting in May 2018, I happened to sit close to him. He could not move away as he was hosting the meeting. He became obviously nervous, and his body language indicated he was sweating, but still no perspiration showed up on his skin. In fact, the skin on his forehead, nose and cheek seemed detached from whatever was underneath, kind of like a skin "floating" on top of another skin. His facial color changed to an unnatural dull color, and his skin texture looked more synthetic than before. Several half-inch dark red lines showed up under the skin of his nose and spread to different parts of the nose surface. They were not natural.

Despite how bizarre it all sounds, it was clear to me that G.U. was wearing a mask while working at US FUNDS.

And he was a perpetrator. I confirmed this from my recovered memories of G.U. as my main handler. He is a 40 to 50 year old (or even older) Asian man, most likely from Japan. He is semi-bald, his hair short on each side of his head. His real face is square-shaped with loose, drooping cheeks and dark eye bags. His stomach is big and sags. He has short legs. He knows Chinese and hates Chinese women, using sex torture as a way to avenge himself on them. Basically, he is a sexual hermaphrodite and enjoys torture in a dehumanized, insulting way. His voice has been modified. He created a lot of Japanese alters in my mind control system. He uses the invisible cloak a lot, both inside and outside the office.

G.U. Wore Two Different Full Body Masks

Top: In US FUNDS Office; Bottom: Stalked me

in Seattle, WA, on 2018-07-31, 9:55am PST

Despite knowing that G.U. was wearing a mask and was a handler, I was too mind controlled to take any action. Later in my deprogramming, I found that he had installed a self-destruct program to make me do things to harm my health, my career, and my relationships. In the meantime, the nightly abductions became more frequent and the physical torture more cruel.

I recalled torture by both X.H. and G.U. and by gangsters using very advanced technology to trap me so that the abductions could occur any time of the day or night. Whenever I was alone in a room and not standing, they could shoot me with the sleep ray and put me to sleep, then call up my alter to walk my body out. They rented or bought houses near my house and would wait for me to fall into their trap. They tortured me in the house, in my car, in airplanes, in public or private transportation vehicles, in churches, wherever I was alone and not standing. Even when I was standing in the evening to avoid being abducted, they would hit me with the strongest sleep ray so that I would go into a trance, fall to the ground or chair and sleep. There is no end to their torture. They torture me 24/7 to break my will so I will suicide.

With the activation of my suicide programs, I became depressed, and the intense torture took a toll on my health and job. I could not sleep in the evening as I was sure I would be abducted, so I slept in the afternoon when my children could watch over me. On May 7, 2018, I informed Human Resources and G.U. that I must take FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) as I could not work under these conditions. But I was mind controlled by G.U. and so never took action to talk to Human Resources about the process and paperwork. I finally took the FMLA on June 12, the layoff date. Only later was I told that I was on the layoff list because they had combined my job title with another job title and found more people in this job title than they needed. My last date with US FUNDS after FMLA would be September 5, 2018.

I reported G.U.’s full body disguise to Human Resources, asking them to have an open mind about how advanced professional disguise technology is, how realistic a modern silicon mask can look so that even people sitting next to the disguised person cannot easily discover the mask unless carefully observing the face. I listed my observations of G.U. and stated that I was concerned about his role in the company and how he could potentially impact investors’ information security if my suspicion was correct. Without knowing G.U.’s true facial identity or his agenda for US FUNDS and employees of US FUNDS, working with such a person was potentially a safety concern. That he managed investor and business clients’ information would potentially impact the safety of investors and financial business clients.

Human Resources said they had received my letter but would not notify me regarding their actions. I never heard from them again.

On September 5, 2018, my employment with US FUNDS ended just as the execution of the perpetrators’ murder program began.

Termination: Poisoning, Disinformation, and Soul Catching

Memory Recovered: Radiation Poisoning

It is September 3, 2018, 7 pm, my “sleep” time. Since I had discovered the nightly abductions and torture, and myriad attempts to keep my alters from being triggered and walking me out of my home failed, I was not sleeping in the evening but only in the late afternoon and early evening when my family members could watch me while studying or having dinner. Once awake, I stayed vertical all night, trying to remain alert to protect my children.

Tonight was no exception. I spent much of the day writing this book and preparing to publish it, planning to sleep a few hours and then write all night. I went to my bedroom with my camcorder and Gorilla Tape and set up a temporary bed adjacent to the stairs. My plan was to tape my leg to the stair railing so that if I did walk out, I would have to tear the tape and leave tape residue on my leg and the stair railing.

I was sitting on the bed preparing to tape my leg when suddenly my consciousness began slowing down. With the tape still in my hand, I was hit by the sleep beam and instantly fell asleep. At 10 pm sharp I woke up and looked at myself lying on the bed with the tape still in my hand. I felt pain in my private part —a pain that did not go away, no matter what I did. I had been abducted again.

Now totally awake, I felt the full impact of how severe the vaginal pain had grown, constantly burning. Within an oval circle around my private area, my skin color had become very dark and the skin was full of small red bumps. After four days, I still had the vaginal pain. A dermatologist confirmed the color change and bumps on the skin of my vaginal area but could not confirm what had caused it.

On Tuesday evening, September 4, 2018, a voice speaking clearly in my mind said cheerfully, “You were severely radiation poisoned for two hours yesterday. The dosage you absorbed is lethal, and you will die in three to four months.” I recognized the voice as that of G.U., so I telepathically asked the voice, “Are you G.U.? Why are you telling me this?” The voice obviously was in a good mood; I could feel his smile. He neither acknowledged nor denied being G.U. but replied joyfully, “I want to let you know that your death date has arrived, you are being actively terminated. Goodbye!”

During a deprogramming session with my pastor two days later, my alter surfaced and showed me what had happened that night. I had been abducted to the nearby neighborhood house and placed on a table (or altar) covered by a white blanket. Six or seven men in white robes had surrounded me, some from US FUNDS, chanting Satanic spells and walking in circles around me. I was then led to a big open area in a basement or dungeon where a cylindrical device with a bright “lamp” on top was on the floor. I was commanded to sit for hours on the bright “lamp” pointed directly into my private part.

The radiation poisoning on September 3, 2018, was just the first step in my elimination. I have kept writing the final chapters of this book and have set up a website where the book will be published for free. I sent an email to former co-workers to let them know that I am writing a book about Wall Street MK-Ultra mind control, the masked people in the office, implanted chips, etc., and asked them to contact me if they want to read it before it is published online. I knew the perpetrators would retaliate, but I am desperately determined to finish the book and let the public know what has happened to me, my family, and other people in the Wall Street industry. I am determined to be a whistleblower one last time, despite facing such a powerful and dark enemy bent on destroying human free will.

These handlers and programmers will neither quit nor leave. They will change masks and the voice change device as they take up another identity. They will be able to join US FUNDS again or another company to program the next victim. After all, who can tell how many such programmers are at US FUNDS, on Wall Street, in the financial industry or other sectors of industry and government? How many MK-Ultra mind control slaves like me are out there who are aware / unaware of their programming?

Inside US FUNDS, rumors are already spreading about my credibility. The phone messages and emails I sent to other MK-Ultra victims did not reach them. More disinformation is on the way.

G.U. has already paved the way for his departure. On the date of my first radiation poisoning, he announced that he had found a new job in Los Angeles and would be leaving the company in two weeks. During these two weeks, he is taking a vacation, which perfectly eliminates the risk that his masked face will be discovered by co-workers if my book is published before he leaves. (Even if it is published, they expect that no one will believe such outrageous things, and that I will be dead of cancer, which people will not question.)

Murder without a trace. A perfect crime!

But is murdering the body their only goal, or it is just a staged step for an overarching plot to harvest something even more satanic, namely the total capture of my soul while sacrificing my body to Satan, their ultimate master?

I have long been told by the handlers that they will capture my soul so they can still tap into my special abilities and that they will use my body as a sacrifice to Satan. They have abducted me to many Satanic rituals to install demons in me and train my other cloned bodies to prepare for soul takeover for transfer of my soul to other bodies so they can forever enslave me.

I had recovered a memory of a night in September 2018. I was used by Satanic groups in rituals to call out the demon. I was in a white robe and placed on a hilltop, my body painted with red paint or blood. Several rows of Satanists stood behind me in white robes, chanting and stomping on the floor. I was ordered to kneel down and drink water on the ground. Soon, a huge, dark demon with horns and a tail showed up. Its body occupied the entire hilltop. The Satanists wanted to use powerful demons and spells to ultimately seal my soul from escaping their control.

October 10, 2018, is my birthday—from the Satanic masters’ view the most important day of the year for me as a slave, the date they planned to ultimately capture my soul and replace me, utilizing dark technologies and Satanic spells. That night, I was abducted, heavily tortured, and returned home. I do not know what happened to my body, soul, or spirit. They said that from this date on, the game is over.