Chapter 5

Military Abduction and the Secret Space Program:

Advanced Technologies and Soul Slavery

After I learned the “virtual” deprogramming method from the Washington state psychiatrist in July 2017, I was able to recover many memories. The handlers were terrified of my progress and tried to hinder me. In November 2017, they injected two new nanochips into my visual cortex. When I deprogrammed and invoked old memories as a graph or movie in my brain, they projected screened images into my brain via these nanochips. These fake images were created to confuse and discredit me. I have been able to rule out some obvious fake memories and discard them but not necessarily others. Memories cannot always be confirmed because of the technologies and entities involved, including the locations where events happened. Memories described here are based on my best efforts to relay only true memories.

Memories Recovered: Genetic Experiments

I recovered a memory from an overnight abduction on Sunday, September 30, 2018. At 12:30 am, I was sitting in one of our bedrooms taping my leg to a heavy desk with Gorilla Tape to prevent myself from walking out when I was triggered to sleep. I awoke at 6:30 am and found that the tape had been replaced with new tape. I remembered being awakened by handlers and switched to an alter who cut the tape and led me out of the house where I was picked up and taken to a military base close to San Diego. Hours later, the alter brought me home, taped my leg back to the desk with new tape, and woke me up.

But I recalled other details. When the car stopped at the front entrance to the military base, the huge entry-exit reminded me of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, where I had held a paintball party for my children’s birthdays in early 2018. The driver of the car gave a hand signal to the soldier who let us pass without further inquiry. I boarded a jeep that then drove past a wired fence hidden by tall, dry desert brush.

The area was wide open, dark and quiet with no other humans, cars, or buildings. Somehow, I had changed into orange coveralls and was led to what looked like a round sewage hole in the desert floor. The cover was removed, I squeezed into the hole and descended a ladder. At the bottom was an even bigger hole that I again descended to a large area with interconnecting hallways leading to other places.

A young blond woman in a lab coat led me to what looked like a lab. A large table had computers and analytical equipment on it. Next to the equipment were three or four rows of metal cages, each roughly 20 inches by 20 inches, stacked side by side from top to bottom. I could not see into the depth of the cages. Inside them, though, were creatures I did not recognize. One looked straight at me. I was astonished. It had a human baby’s face, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, the skin light-colored. Its round eyes and dark pupils made me think it was related to the Asian race. Its face in front of its head faced me and I could not see hair. I am not sure if I saw ears, but I knew the body was wrong. I saw no neck or upper body. In fact, the body behind the head looked more like a cylindrical mammal’s body with smooth dark skin, like a seal’s. This creature was a hybrid of human and animal, a hunimal, a military genetic experiment.

I particularly remember the expression on the creature’s face, its mouth closed but its eyes wide open and looking straight at me. Strangely, I felt this creature and maybe others might be related to genes stolen from me.

The blond woman did not look at the cages, but I sensed that her job was related to the creatures. We then left that room and walked to another room that looked like an operating room (OR) with an operating table like a birth bed or table in an OB/GYN’s office. I was ordered to sit on the bed and recline at a 60-75 degree angle with my legs spread.

A white male doctor in a long surgical gown and mask and protective cap came in and did something in my private area, after which I was given a strong electroshock while in the same restrained semi-reclined position. It was very painful, and I trembled violently. (While recovering this memory, my right leg felt the electronic shock from the top of my thigh to the calf, as if I was being shocked all over again during memory recovery. This is what “reliving” torture means: the body, not just the mind, retains the pain it endured during the torture, which offers proof that the memory is not false.)

I was then taken to a large helicopter and sent back home to awaken at 6:30 am. Within three hours after I awoke, I went to bathroom twice and urinated more than 12 cups of urine. Given that I had only drunk a little water the day before, I believe this urine was from the IV liquids I received during the “procedure.”

The following week, I was abducted again. Two of the abductions were intentionally timed and seemed to be follow-up procedures. In the early morning of October 4, 2018, I was abducted for 3 hours to a Mexican family residence about five minutes away from my house. A Mexican woman put me in a hospital gown and ordered me to lie on the examination table in a room. Two men came into the room and injected me, then connected my body with cables to an EEG-like machine to monitor me after the shots. At the end of the procedure, the shorter man said to the others, “Keep monitoring her for two days,” after which he raped me. When he was done, the taller man came back in and tortured me with a sex torture device in my vagina while raping me. Three Mexican men then came in one by one and raped me. Finally, the Mexican woman returned to clean me up and change my clothes, and I was taken back home. When I urinated, I felt a sharp pain in my vaginal area, surely from the sex torture.

Two days later, I was abducted to yet another house and again put in semi-reclining restraints. A man wearing a dark suit came into the room carrying an old-fashioned black medical bag filled with the tools of his trade. He then perpetrated certain procedures on my private parts.

I have needle marks all over my body—head, arms, breast, stomach, legs, feet, etc. As I do not do drugs and have seldom received shots from my doctors in conscious time, I believe the majority of these shots have been administered against my free will during abductions.

Breeding Slave

The entities who control me have been using my body as a breeding machine to produce embryos they then steal for their purposes. Each month when I ovulate, they abduct me, inject sperm to get me pregnant, then abduct me again six or seven days after the ovulation date and take the embryos. I have found several times after abductions that my cervix has been artificially dilated for no reason. I have many unexplained needle marks in my stomach area, which probably means that they also extract eggs from my ovaries by means of needles. I pointed out one of the needle marks to an OB/GYN, who said it was above one of my ovaries.

I did not suspect the breeding program until early 2017, when I noticed the pattern of abduction dates matching ovulation dates. New needle marks and unexplainable dilation of my cervix around certain days supported my suspicion. In 2016, I had missed my menstrual period twice and had no period for three or four months. It then came back for one month and disappeared again for another three months. I suspected that I had been three months pregnant both times and that the babies had been taken from me while I was unaware of their existence.

I tried to break my ovulation cycle by using after-sex pills, hoping that I would not get pregnant. Right after I took the pills, the handlers abducted me and poured something down my throat. After I returned home, my feet and legs were swollen for days; afterward, they continued stealing my embryos. Possibly, they used hormones to overpower the after-sex pills to force the pregnancy to continue. I visited several local OB/GYN doctors and requested that they remove my ovaries. Not one would agree to perform the operation because it was not medically necessary, even if I and not my health insurance paid for it.

I tried to locate where the babies were by using my remote viewing ability that I occasionally have during my conscious time. What I saw was a baby girl, six or so months old, in some kind of underground base on a table in a lab-like room. The female nurse holding her used a device to electroshock her. Terrified, the baby went into spasms and after a while became motionless. The nurse then inserted some other tool of her trade into the baby’s side, possibly to draw blood or liquid out of her body, which was then put into a large container hanging on the wall. In the large hall outside the room were huge containers on the floor. My impression was that they stored what was being extracted from this baby. Was adrenochrome (C9H9NO3)[1], the chemical compound released when a human is under great stress—fear, pain, anger—being harvested from the electroshocked baby to be used for secret purposes?

The entities that control my programming are no doubt using my eggs and embryos for profit, but is genetic engineering or pedophile appetite as far as human trafficking profits go? Today it includes future slaves for everything from sex to corporate handlers to production of adrenochrome-saturated “rejuvenating” blood for aging elites and sacrifices for Satanic rituals.

One night in early January 2018, the Satanic handler X.H. forced me to eat my own embryo at a Satanic ritual. The next day in my conscious life, I felt so nauseous that I almost vomited when I saw the blood on the raw beef I was cleaning and nauseated for dinner. For several days, I could not stomach seeing any raw meat or blood. It puzzled me until I retrieved this memory several months later.

Clone and Soul Transfer

The secret space program is called secret because those in charge of it hold many secrets that they do not want the general public to know, some of which are about non-traditional physics, esoteric laws of the universe, and advanced technologies beyond people’s imagination but which already exist in this world. These concepts and technologies were used in the projects I was enslaved to. While it is outside of this book’s scope to explain these concepts or technologies, I would like to outline some key concepts and encourage readers to explore on their own a deeper understanding or validation of the concepts.

Soul Extraction

Beside the physical abductions for sex slavery, genetic engineering, and breeding, one of the main reasons that the secret space program uses me every day is to access my non-physical body, probably what is called my astral body. In this way, my soul is extracted for use in space projects.

Jay Alfred stated in his book Our Invisible Bodies[2] that human beings possess multiple layers of high frequency, liquid-crystal electromagnetic bodies that are ordinarily invisible. He categorized these bodies as physical, etheric, astral and causal, similar to traditional Biblical terms referencing biological, soul and spiritual bodies. Through drugs, meditation, or occult rituals, persons can have out-of-body experiences and feel that their soul is flying out of their body. In the 1970s, Robert Monroe invented the hemispheric synchronization audio technology to induce out-of-body experiences with technology.

The entities behind my programming utilize my soul when I sleep. By using frequency with my chips, they can adjust my sleep state from one stage to another, then input the frequency that causes my left and right hemispheres to synchronize so as to be connected with the outside universe. Once the connection is established, they can trigger my out-of-body state and detach my soul from my physical body so that it launches into the vastness of space.

Soul Transfer and Cloning

The detached soul is vulnerable to attack. Once my soul is out of my body, the handlers of my programs will be waiting to use occult spells to trap, seize, and enslave my soul, just as they capture my physical body in abductions.

A human body is like a quantum computer, and our soul its system software that controls it. Like any software, the soul can be cloned or copied. Small pieces of souls can be sliced out of the main soul, each piece of the soul being as whole as the original soul and maintaining the original soul’s functions. Each soul piece can be put into another body to make that body functional.

My soul was used to travel to other planets for space program assignments, and was also put into another body to control that body. The body that the soul controls can be my cloned body, another human body, or a soul-less synthetic body, a bio-robot body.

Memory Recovery: Floating Clones

During the deprogramming session with the psychiatrist in July 2017, we discovered the alter “Adam” who has very intensive “Do Not Tell” programs as well as a suicidal program that will be triggered if he tells the secret. (We deleted Adam’s suicide programs.) Adam told me that he is used as a spy to decode Chinese military code. Later, I learned that he had been programmed with powerful psychic abilities and is a main alter used in the secret space projects. One image I was shown in memory recovery was of Adam floating in the air all by himself. He was lying flat, face up to the sky, as if he were lying on a platform, but there was no platform or support above or under his body.

Another memory revealed the same floating image, only this time they were Adam-like multiple bodies simultaneously floating in an airplane hangar in a seeming military base above ground. All six or seven bodies, floating and still, were at a height of about one story—bodies like Adam’s, tall, slim, in white overalls. I believe these were Adam’s cloned bodies. Adam’s alter consciousness is stored as a software in my body and copied to other cloned bodies. Since Adam is mind controlled and can be triggered by the handlers’ command to float in the air, the handlers can use the same command to trigger all the cloned bodies to float at the same time to the same height. Conscious transfer thus becomes the perfect method for augmenting human intelligence and training super soldiers.

I have alters with far more intellectual, psychic and physical abilities than I can achieve in my entire life, such as passing through solid walls, assassinating with psychic power, photographic memory, expert knowledge of the ancient Chinese Yi Jing[3], hands-on mechanic experience to maintain space equipment, etc. Although some of these abilities can be achieved through brutal training and practice, I was told by my alters that programming is superior when it comes to clones and transferring their consciousness to my original body. Thus is augmented knowledge stored in my alters to be used upon the handlers’ commands.

Occasionally, I do see traces of these abilities in myself and not just in my alters. For example, one time I was under a semi-hypnotic state in my free will state and was asked by the psychiatrist to examine an event that happened when I was 10 years old. I remembered the store buildings, roof, and street passengers in detail. I could even see the goods being sold in the storefront from my bird’s-eye view, as if these memories were presented to me in an enlarged, high-definition photograph so as to capture all details.

Soul Catching Net and Eternal Soul Slavery

The same concept of storing one person’s consciousness in an implanted chip and transferring it to another body in the future is what the British Telecom project “Soul Catcher 2025”[4] was about. This technology is in operation in the U.S. military’s secret space programs. As David Manners puts it, “If you can store a person’s lifetime experiences, you can transfer the person’s experience into another person’s body. Bingo – you have immortality or reincarnation.”[5]

If we could retain our experiences from our last life and apply the lessons to the current life, reincarnation would quicken the evolution of human consciousness. However, most of us are born not remembering and so basically have to start over. In accordance with theories of the Earth as a prison planet and human beings trapped in a matrix, Peter Horttanainen’s article-“What is the Reincarnation Trap / Soul-Catching Net / Soul Net?”-gets to the quick of the matter:

The idea is that upon death, our soul or consciousness separates from the body and then undergoes a process wherein memory is wiped clean and recycled – reincarnated – into another body to repeat the same process. In this way the Earth becomes a literal prison planet from which it’s very difficult to escape. The soul net is placed there as an artificial energetic grid (not the natural energetic grid of ley lines of Planet Earth) to prevent any soul from getting through. Thus the Earth remains a closed system where new people are constantly born for the purpose of powering the economy and generating (negative) emotion for the Archons[6] to feed off, not remembering Who They Are or what the real situation is.

The dark entities’ ultimate control is to enslave the human soul.

“Topsy Turvy” This is an internal term used by this Navy Special Ops group for when they “take someone,” meaning quantum jump them to “their place”. “Their place” is the hospital/lab they are working out of. They can do this to anyone anytime. They remotely force the subject to take a deep breath and when they exhale they are transported. Let’s return to use of Luciferian/Synthetic dimensions to archive human energies such as minds and souls. It’s theoretically possible for millions of people to be topsyturvy’d in one fell swoop or at stages, having their souls (or spiritual essences), as well as ALL energies, i.e. devic/auric body, mind/consciousness and, of course, their overall biological body down to every cell, taken. The main thing to consider here though is heisting of the soul and mind. When they do this they call you a “new one” or “nobody” - meaning the you sitting on your couch is newly made and no longer spiritual but rather a type of soul-less synthetic. They have the spiritual, sentient version of you at their facility. Remember the phrase “the devil wants your soul?” This may have already been done to many, many Americans and others around the world. (Merry Christmas America 2013, From the U.S. Navy, Special Operations, Disclosure on Technologies and Applications being Used Against, n.d.)

I was told that the dark entities already manufactured copies of the whole me, all included, and they are ready to replace me at any time that they need. No one can tell the difference of a “re-manufactured” me, including myself.

Although these dark entities have the technology to capture my soul when my soul is out of body during sleep, my soul craves freedom and refuses to be captured and enslaved. My alters told me that my soul has escaped many times after being captured. The handlers cannot confine my soul, so they brutally torture my physical body. When the body suffers too much, my soul cannot fly too far and has to come back, thus being captured again. Yet my soul still refuses to be enslaved and stands by its free will to be a free soul. Therefore, so far, the dark entities continue abducting my physical body and use extreme methods to undermine my deprogramming efforts by reprogramming me whenever I make any progress.

When the soul is out of the natural physical body, the handler can put other souls or entities into the original body to take control of the body. In my case, many times the handler would put an artificial intelligent soul (“robot soul”) into my body. The robot soul has no emotions. Once my soul finishes its assignment, the handler removes the robot soul and lets my human soul back into my body.

It is possible that a human soul can be captured when it is out of body and never be able to return to its natural physical body, or it might return to the body and find that it is occupied by other entities; then it cannot return to its body until the entities are gone. A soul-less body is extremely vulnerable to attack.

Chinese Military Spying

One of my main uses to the space program is my Chinese background and psychic abilities to spy on Chinese military.

Memory Recovery: Remote Viewing

On November 19, 2016, while camping with my son’s Boy Scout pack at the Mojave National Preserve, I was abducted to the military base nearby for an entire afternoon and most of the night. The trip was later proven to be my initiation into spying on China.

I was driven to a building at the base and asked by military personnel to remote view. I remote viewed a ship in port in China’s Liaoning Province and detected the mission head with the painted Chinese characters Dong Feng hidden midship. Military personnel then showed me a picture of a ship on a computer screen and I confirmed that this was the same ship.

During the same abduction, I was taken to a room in another building and told to lie under a special machine and put on goggles through which I saw stars in outer space. I pointed to a star and said: “Stop, this is the one.” I then saw three or four astronauts in space suits using some tool to dig something from a small hill on a planet; possibly they were mining there. There were dome-shaped yurts at the foot of faraway hills. Was the U.S. military letting me find the planet that Chinese astronauts were mining so I could report the location of the planet to them?

Other spying Chinese military activities include remote viewing the pilots of Chinese space craft and war craft, and using advanced technologies and psychic abilities to attack them.

Space Messenger

I was told that my special ability is navigation, that my soul is able to fly very far, very fast, and very high. The program handlers use this unique ability to make me a cosmic messenger. One memory I’ve recovered is of my soul flying far away into outer space to a very modern, advanced planet with gray background and a huge city with all kinds of tall and low buildings unlike the buildings on Earth. I know where I should be going and which building to enter. I am in either my astral or plasma body that has no weight or solidity and yet it holds my consciousness just as my physical body does. I fly up to a certain floor and through the wall to a room inside the building. Passing through the wall is as easy as if there were no wall. Inside the room is a table near the window beside which a very tall, thin entity stands looking out the window. It turns to face me as I land in the middle of the floor. It does not have a human face, but I don’t recall what it looks like, nor do I remember the content of our conversation. When I return to Earth, the body I am in enters a robot-like machine located in a large empty lot on a military base. In some way, the memory of my trip is transferred from my consciousness to this robot-like machine, then erased in me.

I have other memories of my soul going to different planets or space ships as a spy. I was also used as a solider on a mechanical support team in a secret space complex on another planet. The soldier alter was using my soul and a cloned body. He had strong psychic ability and could kill enemies without touch but with mind power. He also had fighting and survival skills to protect himself and his team.

[1] Adrenochrome is unscheduled by the U.S. Controlled Substances Act. While it is tempting to think of much in this book as “conspiracy theory”—a term popularized by the CIA in the 1970s—unfortunately most of it, if not all (including “vampires”), may be going on just out of public view. See, for example, the 11-minute “Adrenochrome The Elite's Secret Super Drug! Documentary,” and read headlines

[2] Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies: Scientific Evidence for Subtle Bodies (Trafford Publishing, 2005).

[3] The Yi Jing ("Book of Changes" or "Classic of Changes" (often spelled I Ching) is the oldest of the Chinese classic texts and is notable for describing an ancient system of cosmology, philosophy and divination at the heart of many Chinese cultural beliefs.

[4] Robert Uhlig, “The End of Death: ‘Soul Catcher’ Computer Chip Due…” The Electronic Telegraph, n.d. Also see David Manners, “Soul Catcher,” 17 November 2017.

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[6] Archon is a Greek word that means "ruler,” frequently used as the title of a specific public office. It is the masculine present participle of the verb stem αρχ-, meaning "to rule," derived from the same root as monarch and hierarchy. (Archon, n.d.)