Chapter 8

Never Give Up Seeking Freedom!

Although my story seems unbelievable to many who have never heard of the black technologies and/or hidden satanic entities that I have experienced in the past five years, I have met other targeted individuals (TIs) and absolutely mind-controlled slaves who share experiences similar to mine. Several other absolutely mind-controlled slaves in US FUNDS and other social circles also did not believe me when I tried to bring the possibility to their awareness.

Mind control is the criminal’s perfect tool of destruction.

For mind-controlled victims, awareness is their first step toward freedom. This is why hidden entities put out so much disinformation and distraction: to prevent people from knowing the horrendous truth.

To change from a victim to a survivor, we need to challenge the “common knowledge” that controlled mainstream media and government use to indoctrinate us. We must be willing to independently research black technologies and the dark secrets exposed by whistleblowers who have first-hand experience of them. We must be strong enough to face the potentially very ugly and painful reality of such widespread satanic criminal activity.

Awareness includes actively seeking validation if you suspect that you have been implanted with chips without consent. Self-check your symptoms first, then find a trustworthy professional to validate your concern.

Next, make every effort to obtain knowledge, support, and protection that will help us all to stand in solidarity against the enemy’s assault. Our defense should encompass physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Do Not Fear!

Through my never-ending efforts to seek freedom, I have tried many methods to free myself from targeting and mind slavery. The most important is to pray. During my three years of struggling with all kinds of failures, I found that sincere prayers do work wonders.

Thinking back on my life, I am still astonished by the dramatic turns that it has taken, from an unwanted baby girl who was supposed to be killed at birth but luckily survived, to a bright but sentimental teenager indulging in art and poetry, to a dreamer seeking success in school, career and love. As a single mother at the age of 40 and at the peak of her physical beauty, intelligence and career, she encountered a manager whose hidden identity was as a Satanist connected with organized crime and the dark side of government programs.

Fortune and misfortune.

Although I did not anticipate that being a whistleblower would lead to this much hardship both from my government job and my Wall Street experience, I still feel it is God’s will to give me the opportunity to explore the dark secrets of modern life and bring their diabolical existence to people’s awareness.

Although the secret space program forced me into slavery, the bright side is that it gave me an opportunity to explore the unbelievable universe. I still feel amazed by the marvelous memories of my space journeys, whether those memories are accurate or implanted. They changed my view of the world, time, space and dimensions, and helped me to be more open to the very real spiritual world.

During my tortuous journey in search of freedom, I have been blessed by God’s mercy to allow me to still be here to write this book. I cannot express how much appreciation I have for the people from all backgrounds who have helped me along the way, both openly and secretly. Their bravery, courage, and empathy have warmed my heart on the coldest, most forlorn nights, and in turn given me the courage to share my journey as my contribution to what is truly human by letting people know the malignity of those who hate humanity in this dark era of human history.

My hope is to awaken people to take action.

Even if evil has overthrown my life path that began so differently, and all my efforts to seek freedom are futile, I hope that my little book will lighten others’ journeys, especially if you are enslaved like me. Never give up striving for freedom! With more and more people taking the journey of truth, we will all, at last, be set free.

I may have made mistakes in judgment regarding many things, but this in no way takes away from the accuracy of this book.

May God be with us and bless us!

Let’s pray.