Chapter 4

The Real Masters Emerge:

Illuminati and Government Mind Control in Investment Banking

The Illuminati Messenger from Geneva

Time: 2017-10-24, Tuesday afternoon, 5pm, PST

Place: My office cubicle in US FUNDS’s Irvine office, Irvine, California

It was 5 o’clock on October 24, 2017, a week after I had received the implanted chip report from the scanning company. It was almost the end of a busy working day and many co-workers had already left the office or were about to leave. I was sitting in my cubicle writing emails about the platform upgrading project that I was working on when a surprise guest entered: V.C., a Senior Programmer Analyst on our web team. I had met him almost a year before when he was introduced to me through U.H., his manager. Middle-aged, white, tall, slim, very smart and calm, V.C. lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He joined US FUNDS in 2006 and works in the Geneva office. U.H.’s entire team is based in Irvine with only V.C. remotely reporting to him, except for twice a year in April and October when he visits our Irvine office.

On the previous Friday, I was working from home when I received his Skype message asking me for my recommendation of what to do over the weekend. I recommended a few hiking places and a quantum physics discussion group. I had previously noted from his personal web page that he listed having been educated at CERN.[1] When I had asked what he did at CERN, he’d replied that he’d studied computer engineering as his undergraduate major but had not worked there. We had also talked about parallel universes and the multiverse. Then I had to work overtime for a project deployment, so we did not continue our Skype conversation. Back then, I had not connected his background with CERN to Project LUCIFER; I just thought he was unique and intelligent, low-key, very neat, always in a white shirt and sweater.

Now in my cubicle, V.C. said a friendly hi and sat next to me. We chatted about his weekend activities, Reiki, the Chinese martial art Qi Gong, out of body experiences, etc. Slowly and purposefully, he turned the topic to 9/11 and the recent Las Vegas shooting, hinting that these “false flag” events had been planned and carried out by insiders. Then came the following conversation:

V.C.: You know that if they think a person knows too much, they will think he is too much of a risk to handle.

Me (feeling a little uncomfortable about this comment as I feel he is hinting at my current situation): If you were in such a situation, what would you do?

V.C.: I would pocket a couple million (dollars) and keep my mouth shut. (False smile.)

Realizing that this warning was his true purpose in seeking me out for a conversation, I looked seriously at him.

V.C.: If the person does not keep his or her mouth shut, then his or her relatives, say ten people close to his or her life, will be hit one by one, and if the person still does not obey, they will not wait until all ten relatives are hit but will make sure this person either disappears or is locked up in a psychiatric institute.

Me (knowing this is either his threat or he is the messenger passing on the threat, I try to negotiate): What if this person does not care about money and all she wants is to let her and her children be freed and out of trouble?

V.C. (smiles): No. How can they be sure that you will not talk? They have to keep the children in their hands.

Me (irritated and looking at him with a cold smile): Why do they need to bother so much with hitting ten people? Why do they not just kill the person or make him suicide?

V.C.: No, this is not how it works. Too much risk. Those relatives, you know, they may question . . .

Me: If you have to decide between your children or your own life, what would you do? (I was thinking that I would not bend to such a threat, and my expression showed it.)

V.C.: I would choose to save my children. I have lived enough life; they just started.

Me (smiling but not bending to the threat and looking at my watch): Sorry! I just realized that I have to go or I will miss my appointment.

Surprised, he reluctantly stood up and looked at me.

V.C.: Remember, they know what you are thinking and they will act. You know the microwave technology . . . Bye! ]

This was a direct, plain, verbal threat. I looked him in the eyes and said good night, quickly collected my stuff, and left my cubicle and the building.

I encountered V.C. several times over the next few days before his return to Geneva, but we did not exchange more words.

That night when I returned home, I was still in shock. I replayed the conversation in my mind and the threat that V.C. had delivered, still with little idea of how a US FUNDS colleague would know about the implanted chip and mind control I was now subject to. And who were “they” who would be prepared to target my relatives in order to threaten me?

My situation began spiraling downwards much faster than I could have imagined.

On October 26, 2017, two days after my conversation with V.C., I was driving home in the afternoon when I suddenly received a call from my legal consulting firm, which has ties to the intelligence network. I hired the firm two months ago to help me investigate the controllers behind my MK-Ultra programs. The consultant said that through his intelligence network, he had been told that my life was in imminent danger and they needed to file a petition of involuntary implantation of nanochips to prevent adverse actions against me.

I stopped my car, V.C.’s threat in my mind. I vaguely sensed that the danger was related to his threat. I electronically signed the petition immediately, and my legal consultant submitted it overnight. Two days later, he called again, relieved, saying that the petition reached the intended government agency and the immediate danger was over. The government agency would investigate my case and stop the crime.

I was relieved, too, but I did not share my consultant’s confidence in the government agency’s investigation. A few weeks later, because of how “complicated” my case was, it was transferred to other government agencies, including the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army. So far, I have received nothing on the “investigation” into my case, nor any improvement of my situation as a mind-controlled slave.

My work situation was also getting worse. On October 30, 2017, the IT announced a mass layoff, the layoff date as yet undetermined.

Programming Handlers in US FUNDS

I decided to investigate the handlers and perpetrators behind the crimes I had been subjected to. First, I searched online for other targeted individuals’ experiences, and concluded that perpetrators have three common practices:

1. They approach the victim as a fast friend to gain the victim’s trust, and if the victim is a female and single, they usually use “love” as bait;

2. They stay physically close to the victim so they can monitor the victim 24/7 and know the victim’s every move and thoughts;

3. They are normally secretive about their family or personal information unless they purposely want this information (“masked information”) because they do not want to reveal their true identities.

Next, I began to carefully observe my work environment. On October 30, 2017, I sat in my cubicle scrutinizing my surroundings. Masers and lasers[2] had been used to shoot me in this cubicle and other meeting rooms numerous times. Microwaves can penetrate walls, but lasers can only attack in visible range. I examined the open area around my cubicle to discover how the perpetrators could follow my movements and physical location in the office building. Suddenly, I noticed a camera on top of a computer monitor in an office whose window and door directly faced my cubicle. The office belonged to senior manager S.N., U.H.’s manager—and U.H. is V.C.’s manager. The camera was a stand-alone camera that S.N. added to his laptop’s monitor for video conferences soon after I moved to this cubicle. Since everyone in the company uses a laptop and carries it to meetings, and all company laptops have built-in cameras and video conference capability, this camera was redundant, unless it is used as a 24-hour spy camera to monitor my cubicle while S.N.’s laptop camera might be shut down when the laptop is away from the office.

S.N. is a tall, sporty white man about 60 years old with a high-pitched voice. He joined the company in January 2015, around the time that I applied for a position I did not get. I then submitted my resume to a friend in US FUNDS and he passed it on to a hiring manager, after which I received a job offer in August 2015 and joined the company in September 2015.

Founded in the early 1930’s, US FUNDS is one of the world’s largest investment management companies. It offers its own investment funds products under its US FUNDS brand name. US FUNDS consists of more than 40 funds, including Individual mutual funds, fund of funds, IRAs, retirement plan solutions such as 401k, 529 college savings plan, and variable annuity funds. US FUNDS has more than 55 million investors. As of 2018, it has a total of $1.7 trillion under its management. US FUNDS are distributed exclusively by financial advisors.

What is unique about US FUNDS is that although the assets it manages make it one of the major investment banking companies on Wall Street, it remains very low key as a private company since it was created.

S.N. works in my department and leads a separate group. I encountered him every day as our offices were close, but I had only talked to him once in a group meeting. U.H. sits in a cubicle far from my cubicle but always uses S.N.’s office when S.N. is away.

Thinking about how V.C. had been introduced to me by U.H., I suddenly realized several factors that indicate U.H. was a handler, namely my handler.

U.H. joined the company in December 2015, three months after I joined. He manages a group in my department. I first met him at an office party when my group moved to his floor. He said he was 38 years old, single, and likes sport cars. He has red hair (which I like) and a very charming voice, a major captivating factor for me. Everything looked good on him. He sent a lunch invitation to a few newly hired employees whose cubicles are on my office floor, mine included, then took us to restaurants I like. He also likes a sport that I like.

In addition to the four or five small group lunches, he sent me chocolates and cookies after his return from trips to Japan. He said he liked Japan and went there to visit someone. Even after all of this, though, I viewed him as a spoiled child and friend and did not want to develop anything else with him. Besides, I already had too much going on in my life.

When I look back at all of these events, I realize that it was all planned to make us friends so that he might have better control over me. U.H. met the three characteristics of a handler. Was S.N. also a handler? Both stand and walk like military men, not in the lazy, casual style of techies.

I decided to do a test. I moved a poster from S.N.’s office window to a location blocking the camera pointing at me. Now the camera could not see me through the window. When S.N. came in the next morning, he was angry about the poster move and slammed his door. Later, he removed the poster so that the camera was again pointing at me. Now I knew he was a handler, too. But a few days later, S.N. put another poster in the window and it blocked the camera. I was surprised until I looked around and found two staged storage boxes lying in the hallway in the other direction from my cubicle. Like a duck blind, the top box handle had been cut out to make a rectangular hole perfect for a hidden camera. The box belonged to Indian quality control analyst I.N., whose cubicle directly faced the right side of mine.

Was a hidden camera in the box? I watched U.H. walk into S.N.’s office and sit watching the app on his phone reading my thoughts. He knew what I wanted to do. I took out my phone, my plan being to use my phone flashlight to point through the box blind. If a camera was in there, the lens would reflect the flashlight and brightly shine. As soon as I opened my phone, I was hit by a strong sleeping ray and fell asleep in my chair. After 10 minutes, I woke up and found that I.N. was back in his cubicle and U.H. had left S.N.’s office. If there had been a camera in the box, it was probably removed during my magic sleeping time.

I had talked to I.N. once before, and it had not been pleasant. The back of his cubicle is a whole wall window with blinds. He always opens the blinds all the way up so the sunlight shoots directly into my cubicle. One day I closed the blinds when he was not there, but right after he returned to his cubicle he opened them. I approached him and politely asked him if I could lower the blinds. Surprisingly, he rudely rejected my request, saying he liked them up.

After the box event, I was almost certain that I.N. was a handler, but I needed more confirmation. One night I opened the window blinds when he was not in his cubicle. Outside the window is a three-story parking structure. From the window I could see the cars parked there. On the third floor of the structure was always a white pickup facing I.N.’s window. Anyone in that pickup could directly see into my cubicle.

I noticed that the pickup was parked in the same location almost every day. One day I went to the parking structure and found a man sitting in the pickup with the headlights on, the windows down, and his head lowered so I would not see his face. From his build, I surmised that he was the stalker I had seen several times before, such as once during lunchtime when I received a phone call related to my case and went to a table on the company’s central lawn area for privacy. While I was talking about my case over my personal phone, this same short, stocky man with short black hair and dark eyes came and sat across from me with his lunch bag, seemingly to threaten me not to talk about mind control when co-workers were around. Seeing him again in the parking lot made me realize where the laser gun and microwave shots were coming from, with I.N. opening the window blinds to facilitate the attacks.

In such ways through trial and error, I found many more accomplices directly or indirectly involved in my programming and slavery. Some were intelligence agents in full body disguise with voice change devices to hide their true identity; others were not wearing disguises but participated as who they seemed to be.

The following are those I suspected of hiding in the IT department of US FUNDS:



Year Joined US FUNDS


Senior Programmer on web team, based in Geneva office. C.E.R.N. background. He is the main connection between my Europe handlers and US Funds handlers.



Manager on web team, my main handler. He showed up in many of my programming and abuse memories.



Senior Manager on web team



Quality Control Analyst, Indian. Very cruel. He showed up in my memories as a perverse sexual abuser.



Manager, later my direct manager, Japanese. Very cruel, the terminator of my career in the company, plotting to terminate my life. He showed up in many memories as a perverse abuser using both sexual and physical torture.



Business Systems Analyst, pretended to be my friend



Quality Control Manager. He showed up when I was doing deprogramming on the company’s central lawn and did remote viewing of my memory

Early 2016


Architect of emergency technology

Early 2016


Manager, Chinese descent but hid his origins. Pretended to be my friend.



An outsource India consultant. While deprogramming, I remote viewed she was performing witchcraft. One time she was monitoring me.


I have also recognized other programmed MK-Ultra victims in the company, mostly women of different ethnicities: Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Caucasian, etc. Some of these women handled by my handlers may have had no idea that they had been put into this horrible program.

How Handlers Infiltrate US FUNDS

After discovering the perpetrators in US FUNDS, I tried to connect the dots of how my company, Project LUCIFER, CERN, artificial intelligence (AI) in the financial industry, and the New World Order tie together to serve an overarching Satanic Illuminati cabal.

Historically, Wall Street attracts the most elite and intelligent people for its work force. Some have been or will be working in very important positions domestically and globally. With absolute mind control programming over unwitting Wall Street elites, the Satanic secret society is able to freely control them and the future. Mind control is an important building block of the New World Order.

Control over US FUNDS is no exception. It begins with the insertion of mind control programming and the strategic placement of handlers in positions affording direct and indirect influence over programmed targets’ lives inside and outside the company. I researched job start times and positions of handlers at US FUNDS, and what I came up with is that these perpetrators joined the company in three different time-based groups to serve three different agendas:

1. Around 2006, a flood of perps prepared US FUNDS for the 2008 stock market crash.

Handlers like V.C., I.N., I.I. etc. joined US FUNDS two years before the 2008 stock market crash to prevent the many mutual funds in the US FUNDS product lines from devastating losses. These funds were performing much better than other funds and established the company’s long-term investment record. It is unknown what was done, but the flow of programmers and handlers to the company at the critical point of financial crisis and its almost miraculous escape from the market crash leave many questions for average investors. The main question was not about how US FUNDS escaped the crash but, with $1.3 trillion under its management, how did these programmers and handlers and their mind-controlled employees contribute to the market crash? More importantly, what roles will these handlers lead US FUNDS to play out in future market crashes?

Due to the nature of my work and my relatively short time in the company, the multiple handlers I discovered are mainly located in the technology groups of the company. But the mind-controlled or nanochip-implanted victims handled by them or other handlers inside the company are not limited to the technology group. Many of the handlers share a common behavior pattern: to expand their influence to as many employee social, religious, professional and even academic groups as possible. They are also active in creating new employee social groups, so that they not only monitor employees but gain access to certain targets, especially company elites like investment fund managers.

Besides the handlers and perpetrators who work inside the company, I have also seen perpetrators outside of the company show up at the Irvine office and company headquarters in Los Angeles. Given the investment management nature of the financial industry and the inside financial information that many employees would have access to, it is not difficult to imagine why Wall Street employees are desirable mind control targets.

I have long urged my coworkers not to participate in free flu shots, incentive-driven health monitoring programs, etc., as these are easy ways for perpetrators to identify victims, inject anchor nanochips, and use continuous health monitoring for their own agendas.

2. Around 2015, a new group of handlers and programmers joined US FUNDS for the secret space program and other clandestine programs.

The secret space program is tied to the Illuminati New World Order in part to provide global elites with a survival alternative. One objective of well-funded mind control programs is to discover, develop, and exploit human psychic power. Slave candidates and “guinea pigs” for these programs must be intelligent, artistic, and have special genetic features, innate psychic abilities, physical strength, etc. Utilizing an intelligent and diverse work force on Wall Street serves the secret space program’s agenda well. Also, because China, Russia, and Japan are also power players in space, program handlers are especially interested in targeting Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and other Asian associates.

Handlers at US FUNDS have widely used India’s intelligence resources through company outsourcing. With hundreds or even thousands of Indian outsource contractors coming in and out of US FUNDS’ work force every year, great flexibility and low visibility for infiltrating intelligence agents are assured. I myself have encountered multiple Indian intelligence agents spying, programming, remote viewing, defaming, etc., while performing their company duties. Security, janitors, etc., have also been utilized to facilitate monitoring and even poisoning of mind-controlled slaves and general staff.

3. Several years before 2015, yet another flood of perps began joining US FUNDS to prepare for the AI takeover of Wall Street.

The illuminati and global elites are changing Wall Street’s traditional investment method from human management to artificial intelligence robot management. The era of elite-controlled AI has already begun. US FUNDS is “catching the wave” and transforming itself into an AI investment company. Elites are sending their handlers and programmers to US FUNDS to ensure that the company follows their direction; human managers are transferring their knowledge to AI robots and will eventually be controlled by them.

Connect the dots: how Project LUCIFER, CEOs, the company, AI in the financial industry, and New World Order merge to serve the global elite.

Besides the traditional financial control of Wall Street, the Illuminati are actively pursuing artificial intelligence on Wall Street to control the financial world for their New World Order. The secret space program, with its connections to the Vatican, CEOs, the U.S. military, is another aspect of the control the Illuminati need for the New World Order.

For decades, any discussion of secret societies like the Illuminati, Freemasons, or Jesuits, or the wealth and influence of religious institutions like the Vatican, has been written off as “conspiracy theory” to keep people from realizing that vast networks of power with very different belief systems have conspired for centuries to run wars, the founding and demise of nations, law, education, social welfare, trade blocs, and world economies. Key individuals, dynastic families, corporations, major religions and governments continue to this day to provide useful cover for ancient cabals and associations. The present Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is the first Jesuit Pope of 266 successors of St. Peter.

The Internet is glutted with opinions and research regarding these affiliations—glutted to such an extent that, strangely, they seem less and less believable the more they are repeated. But what if we examine them through the lens of modern corporate practice instead of through religion or occultism?

The three incorporated cities not subject to national authority but having their own laws, police force, and flag are the City of London (one square mile of London), the District of Columbia (68.34 miles), and Vatican City (109 acres). The oldest, most ensconced and wealthiest is the Vatican, for centuries hidden behind the Catholic Church (600 CE) and Society of Jesus (Jesuits, 1534 CE), and more recently by Illuminati Freemasons and Satanists. At the center of each corporate city-state stands an obelisk (Cleopatra’s Needle, the Washington Monument, and the St. Peter’s Square obelisk).

The founder of the Illuminati (Illuminés) was a former Jesuit named Adam Weishaupt. Supposedly founded on May Day 1776, the Illuminati secret society was set up hierarchically along the lines of both the Jesuits and Freemasons. Thus it seems that the Jesuits, Illuminati, and high-degree Freemasons are all connected, particularly through their incorporated city-state power bases.

Now let’s translate this into the themes of our own corporatized era, particularly how a secret space program intertwines with globalization (the New World Order). Like the secret cabals and religious organizations mentioned earlier, the overarching secret space program has been buried beneath spun distractions like UFO (unidentified flying object) and alien “conspiracy theories.” Our Space Age has been up and running for decades but has only recently been obliquely authenticated by President Donald Trump’s proposal for a sixth branch of the U.S. military: the Space Force.

Even mind-controlled slaves like me are subject to the secret space program.

[1] An acronym for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN houses the massive particle accelerator known as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)—a synchrotron-type accelerator, a particular type of cyclic particle accelerator in which the accelerating particle beam travels around a fixed closed-loop path. CERN was built (1998-2008) near Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) on the French-Swiss border.

[2] Masers (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) are basically microwave lasers (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) and are more often used in targeting.