Chapter 6

My Bloody Road to Seeking Truth and Freedom

Seeking Justice

Ever since I found out that I had been put into a mind control program, I have been vigorously seeking deprogramming and legal resources to break out of the jail imprisoning my mind. From 2016 to 2018, I have taken 19 trips and 47 flights to various cities in the United States to visit medical doctors, legal advisors, professional scanners, etc. I have also been working diligently with a local toxicologist to detox my body and collect evidence for the non-consensual injection of nanochips. My efforts have enabled me to prove the existence of the chips and to find the entities behind my programs, but the road to seeking truth and freedom is filled with traps and malicious attacks. Every step I take toward freedom triggers brutal retaliation in order to scare me back. I have never given up; freedom is still in my dreams.

No Justice for Rape

Back to the first memory recovery of sex slavery by D.S. on October 1, 2017: After returning home from the torture house, I quickly executed memory recovery. Bit by bit, I recalled what happened and who did it. I decided to collect rape samples but not go to the police or to an emergency room. The horrible experience of going to the ER for a rape kit six months before still haunts me.

On March 25, 2017, at 10 am—four days after I had two implanted chips surgically removed in Atlanta, Georgia—I was raped after returning home from Atlanta. I decided to go to the emergency room at California Mission Hospital, St. Joseph Health System at Mission Viejo, California, for a rape kit. The nurse asked my name and the city I lived in when the rape happened, then put me in an examination room. Instead of a regular ER doctor, a psychologist entered and asked what had happened. As soon as he heard me say “implanted chips,” he closed his notepad and walked out. Next, they sent in a big nurse and three or four people who wanted to force me to receive a shot. When I objected, the nurse said they thought I had psychotic issues and was a danger to society; they planned to send me to a mental hospital once they found me a bed. I was forced to receive the injection and was put to sleep for four to five hours. I heard the nurse saying to the people watching me that they needed to take me to some other procedure as soon as I fell sleep. When I woke up, it was already 5 pm. I asked them not to send me to a mental hospital and told them I would withdraw the rape kit request. After many negotiations, they finally let me go with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.

Not only had they re-injected the two removed chips back into my body, but they had also injected more chips into me in that four-to-five hour mental hold period. As for the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, not only does it not accurately reflect my actual mental state but does not accurately consider the validity of my reported events or account for the physical evidence I had gathered regarding the environmental impact of SCADA-based directed energy upon my person. As the Certified H-SCADA Bio-Energy Field Professional I hired to evaluate the results of my scans stated: “Her prior diagnosis as ‘paranoid schizophrenic’ from her examination at St. Josephs March 2017 did not integrate the data from her SCADA testing procedures; this data provides evidence that her claim of receiving signals from and being influenced by a SCADA system is clearly NOT delusional and cannot be rationally explained as solely the result of delusion since delusions do not produce such results.” I also had been treated by three other psychologists and psychiatrists, all confirming the diagnosis of DID.

On October 5, 2017, four days after D.S. raped me, I finally decided to go to The Safe House, a non-profit organization that helps rape victims collect evidence. When I arrived there, two staff members from an advocate support group were also there, one of whom I recognized as having gang stalked me before. She was a perpetrator sent to sabotage the rape kit. But I had no proof or means by which to make her leave. She was in the room where the rape kit was taken. I already knew what would happen, so I decided to find another facility in another state to do the rape kit.

On October 7, 2017, six days after D.S. raped me, I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a scan, my last chance at the rape kit. I went to a local hospital’s ER and told them that I wanted to do a rape kit. They asked where the rape had happened, I told them Irvine, California. After a while, I was put in a separate room and in came two persons, one a social worker and the other a psychologist. When I saw them, I already knew that they had called the Irvine police and what would happen next, so I quickly asked to leave the facility, and I returned home.

I have bought many self-detect semen test kits and confirmed many times that semen showed up in the test kit. Yet, when I send the specimens to the lab, the result is always negative. The perpetrators follow me to every lab I visit and even trigger the lab’s security siren on and off to let me know they can access the facility and that there is no way I can get evidence.

Once there is no justice available, perpetrators explore every possibility to get me to sleep and to rape me. I have been raped by so many people in so many places that even one day without being abducted and raped would be a precious day for me to celebrate. For three years, such days are so rare.

I have also dealt with the military’s ruthless destruction of my evidence-seeking efforts. Equipment I’ve bought has been damaged, hacked, or simply stolen, and almost all blood draws, medicines, and CT/MRI scans are tempered with.

Abduction By Any Means

When I have tried to defend myself from being abducted, I have encountered very advanced technology that the military uses to facilitate abduction: the invisible cloak, teleportation, clones, passing through walls, remote-controlled force fields to null magnets’ effects, chemical changes to tape’s adhesiveness, not to mention hacking all electronic devices from laptops to camcorders. If they cannot hack the device, they use a directed energy weapon to damage or destroy the device, or simply steal it. And don’t forget their unlimited tax-dollar funds and resources.

Teleportation and the invisible cloak are the advanced technologies that the military has been using for years but keeping secret from the public. I have been teleported from my home to various locations.

Instantaneous communication with synthetic telepathy – how it works: This also can apply to gang stalking applications. It’s actually faster than instant. The operators - and possibly you mentally, depending how things are configured - exist in a time-space bubble outside of our linear time. This gives the operators time to put together any kind of information to send you. Via the electromagnetic-nanotech topologies, the subject can be in essence ported to a lab, tested, fixed, brainwashed, raped, messed with, then sent back intact as they were or altered and never know anything at all happened unless the operators choose to leave them with a screen memory.[1]

The invisible cloak was invented decades ago, though not revealed to the public until 2013. Researchers demonstrated that it could be scaled to almost any size and could even be used to hide orbiting satellites.[2]

By utilizing an instant sleepy ray to put me to sleep at any time, teleportation for abduction without trace, time space manipulation to manipulate the time I spent away from home, invisible cloak to hide perpetrators in my home, and holography to create fake illusions so my family members do not suspect I am away, I have been abducted and used in the space projects and Satanic Rituals in the nights, yet my family members do not believe I was abducted.

Fighting against such advanced technologies has proven to be futile. I have tried so hard, but I know my limitations.

To punish my persistence in seeking evidence and justice, they use every possible way to humiliate me. After I returned from my deprogramming trip, I was abducted from my mother’s apartment and forced to be the sex slave of the security men and janitors who work in her apartment building. Janitors and cafeteria workers at US FUNDS sexually abused and humiliated me after I decided to find a lawyer for a lawsuit. The handlers gave my alter codes to local Mexican gangsters, gardeners, janitors, and day laborers, prostituting me to them in my own neighborhood. They shoot me with the sleep ray whenever I drive to someone for help, then rape me in my car or even in Ubers I call, in airplane restrooms, a restroom near my church or other places that I can be alone. Every day and night of my life is a struggle not to be put to sleep, not to be abducted.

At the same time, physical torture has been pushed to the extreme. Beyond extremely painful sexual torture, I’ve been subjected to many famous tortures: the Tiger Chair, hung and beaten in the airplane posture, forced to bite on a steel ring to destroy my teeth or stare at hot burning fire to cause eye damage, crushed fingers, my tongue elongated and sharp things inserted, etc. Each time the handlers program, reprogram, or tune me up, they end the process with anal rape and electroshock on my private parts as a routine ritual so as to insert yet another demon so I cannot escape.

Memory Recovery: Drug Trials Human Lab Rat

In October 2017, after I discovered the frequencies of the secret space program chips and the entities linked to these programs, it was decided to terminate me. In a memory I recovered in June 2018, I was abducted to a military base and led to a conference room to be evaluated by three military officers. During the meeting, they concluded that I am too dangerous and it is too risky to let me continue in the program, so they decided to find a replacement for the program.

My persistence in finding the truth and my striving for freedom must have really irritated them, given how merciless their reaction was. I was sold to the malicious drug trials program. During subsequent abductions, handlers X.H. and G.U. openly joked that I was to be the test subject of the most dangerous and damaging drugs so they could terminate me faster. They laughed about how ugly my death would be.

On May 20, 2018, I was abducted from a Faraday cage I had built. I’d sealed the only entry with tape to prevent myself from walking out, but I was teleported out of the cage and put on an airplane that I could tell flew over the Pacific Ocean to an island where I was first put into a small and very dark room. I could see shapes of beds stacked on each side of the room with a narrow passage between the two rows. People were asleep on some of the beds. Next to my bed was a Middle Eastern man 30 to 40 years old with black eyes and a black beard. Soon, a white woman came in and led me out. By the light of the opening door, I noticed that the Middle Eastern man looked worried.

She led me into a huge gym where a young black man immediately and angrily punched me hard on the side of my head with his fist. I fell to the floor and he left as if nothing had happened. I could not remember having encountered him before, but a human test subject or slave in a mind-controlled state can be abused and humiliated by anyone.

The woman then ordered me to run on a treadmill as she stood beside me and watched. I ran awhile but felt very tired. Panting, I slowed down, at which point she slapped my head hard with a long wooden ruler. In order to keep running, I had to hold my head. I then got caught in the running belt and was thrown to the floor. The woman asked someone to drag me to an examination room.

The cold room had an MRI machine in it. I lay on the medical table alone with IV tubes in my arm. A few rows of blue neon lights shone through the floor, giving me the temporary illusion that all of this was not true. Soon, however, a white man in a lab coat with his assistant entered and prepared a large needle he then inserted in my IV. Soon I was spitting white foam and my eyes rolled back, my body stretched straight out. I lost consciousness.

The man’s assistant pushed my bed to another room, while a female doctor in a surgical gown came in and checked my pupils.

“Not enough. Give her more exercise.”

The assistant pushed my gurney toward the man.

“What?” he said, inserting more liquid into my IV. Again, I spit white foam and my eyes rolled back, my body banging up and down and out of control, the bed shaking violently.

The man smiled. “Here we go.”

My head slid to the side and I lost consciousness, after which the female doctor said, “That’s the right dosage.” She put on gloves, prepared long surgical thread, and started sewing inside and outside of my nose.

After the procedure, I was awakened and sat up on the bed vomiting into a pot. My head felt like it was going to explode. The female doctor smiled and washed her hands, saying, “All done.”

Back in the dark room, the Middle Eastern man asked me with empathy, “How are you doing? Are you OK?” I was exhausted and my face was pale. I nodded to him and was silent.

I was then returned to a neighborhood house bought by the handlers’ group after I had been sold to the drug trials program. Since being sold, it had been kept “empty” until I was laid off and my other programs wrapped up so no evidence could be traced to them.

While the handler U.H. did some operations on a nearby control console, I was placed in the middle of a standing MRI-like machine that I assume was a supporting teleportation machine. I was then hit by some kind of EM or scalar waves, and my body stretched out straight. (Our entire neighborhood grid system had been upgraded.) I’ve had many memories of being abducted to that neighborhood house for torture.

Finally, I was conscious and back inside my Faraday cage. When I awoke the next morning, the quartz clock had stopped around the time I was abducted, reminding me of another teleportation abduction that had burned out a small electronic device that also had stopped working, indicating an intense electromagnetic field. The skin on my nose and under my left eye was red and swollen—exactly the location of the woman doctor’s procedure. This validated my memory.

From late 2017, I always had a strange taste in my throat and mouth after abductions, probably from the white pill and glass of water I was given at the end of each abduction. The handlers would reward my alters if they took the pill and punish them if they did not. For the days that I was not abducted, the handlers put pills in my house or car or even in a theater or church, and then tricked me into bringing the water with me. With the sleep ray, they would put me to sleep and then call out the alter to take the pill, then switch me back to my executive personality and wake me up.

Frequency Scan to Confirm New Program and New Chips

On May 29, 2018, the security company in Salt Lake City, Utah, conducted a second Non-Linear Conjunction Scan on my body. This second scan confirmed new nanochip locations in my body and their frequencies. I sent the new scan result to the industrial toxicologist who confirmed that the new frequencies were those of the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Correction.

I had also noticed since 2018 that whenever I go to the airport and TSA checks my passport, they take a special step to notify a supervisor. Sometimes my ticket states that my trip has been reported to the Department of Homeland Security.

So besides dropping me out of the secret space program and selling me to the drug trials program, they have Homeland Security monitor me as if I were a terrorist. No doubt due to the high security clearance of my secret space program missions, they most assuredly did not want me remembering anything.

Not to mention that they had begun the process of physically and spiritually eliminating me.

[1] “Merry Christmas America 2013: From the U.S. Navy Special Operations, Disclosure on Technologies and Applications Being Used Against American Targeted Individuals,” 2014.

[2] “Human-Scale Invisibility Cloak Unveiled.” MIT Review, June 6, 2013.